GO Connect
Networking Reimagined



GO Connect: Networking REimagined

Networking is often seen as a song and dance routine, marking off checklists, and at times a forced social pressure. Often it can feel more like a task to find the right people at the right time. The moment you’re able to come up for air – growth opportunities look more like survival mode and you may find yourself drowning in a sea of your business card collection which is now brimming over your dresser drawer. Sound familiar?

The City of Charlottesville Office of Economic Development and The Spill Teem® (Design Consultancy) have partnered to bring you GO Connect.

What is GO Connect? Simply stated, GO Connect is networking REimagined. Filled with tailored value, creative talks, innovative environments and tons of aha moments. We’re creating actionable opportunities for businesses, professionals and those who aspire to be anywhere in-between. The right people at the right time simply need the right opportunity to GO Connect!

More information about the next GO Connect coming soon…


Here's what people are saying about go connect...

"I enjoyed myself immensely and hope to make more connections this next time."

"I enjoyed the speaker, the time to connect following the formal training and the connections made that day!"

"I am looking forward to making new connections, meeting new people, and hearing what resonates for them."

"I was able to strengthen my current community partnerships."

"I look forward to meeting entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as people from the community to exchange ideas and have interesting conversations."

"I made new partnerships that I am currently working with today."



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