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While meeting at The Common House one evening, longtime colleagues from the City of Charlottesville Office of Economic Development, The Spill Teem®, and Seedplanters Coaching imagined a new type of networking... one where connections are made based on passion and where these connections result in efforts that truly impact our community. Gone are the days of exchanging business cards at a networking event and not following up; well, because there's really no compelling reason to do so. 

GO Connect takes a different approach to networking. The goal of GO Connect is to help job seekers, businesses, community partners, and anyone wanting to make a connection with area leaders gain access to individuals who are typically not found through traditional modes of networking. The connections made as a result of GO Connect are meant to be significant and bring long-lasting impact to those living and working in Charlottesville.

We hope that you will join us for one of our upcoming GO Connect sessions this year! Together, we can REIMAGINE NETWORKING!


GO Connect Team

City of Charlottesville Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development (OED) is an office of the City of Charlottesville. It is the catalyst for public and private initiatives that create employment opportunities and a vibrant and sustainable economy. In additional to capital investment initiatives and business development efforts, the OED provides employment services to both employers and job seekers through the Downtown Job Center.

The Spill Teem®

The Spill Teem® is a design consultancy.

Their focus is to shift the thinking culture of organizations, by serving the people in them. Using design thinking as their toolbox, they place people at the center of strategy.

Through innovative Talks & Keynotes, Workshops & Trainings and Consulting they provided tailored learning experiences and work with you to expose growth opportunities often missed. Human-Centered Design is a creative approach to problem-solving and the backbone of The Spill Teem. They're certain that every organization possesses the ability to be confident, innovative freethinkers and Spill on Purpose™!

Seedplanters Coaching

Seedplanters Coaching Services is a Marketplace Ministry and Business Organization specializing in career management, professional and Leadership coaching. Personal and professional success in today’s business environment requires individuals to have the ability to create a personal vision plan for the future, as well as a strategic course of action one needs to take to get there. Seedplanters Coaching Services provides individuals with the tools and accountability necessary to obtain superior, strategic results.